Hot afternoon fun

Jaime and her beautiful family is back!  This time we went to the quiet town of Hobe Sound.  There we found a cute little strip of road with some small shops that made for some fun backgrounds for the photos.  I took a special liking to one building with it’s bright yellow exterior.  It was so refreshing and made me think of sunshine!

The temperature was quite sweltering and the humidity high so it wasn’t long before the children began to feel uncomfortable. It didn’t really matter how much we tried to goof off or encourage the kids to have fun, the heat of the afternoon was just a little too much for them.  So after getting a few shots in this fun area, I suggested moving our photo shoot to the beach where I hoped the ocean breezes and the ability to wet your toes would help them deal with the heat.   Water makes anything more fun when it is hot out and this was no exception.  Everyone seemed to appreciate the relief from the hot temperatures when sticking their feet in the water.

Jaime, thanks for inviting me back to spend time with your family,  I always enjoy seeing you guys and I can’t wait till the next session.

Where does the time go…

It is always so great to spend an afternoon with one of my favorite families.  This photo session was all about capturing  little Asher at 6 months old.  Every three months I have the honor of documenting the changes that have occurred in his young life.  It is so wonderful to see how much children grow and develop in such a short period of time at this young age.  It always brings back treasured memories of my own boys, as I am a mom myself and sometimes miss the simple times when my boys were so tiny and hugs and kisses made all right with the world.  But of course it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t capture a couple of images of Asher’s two older siblings.

Thanks for coming over and  having a peek.

I can’t wait to see how this little man has grown in three months from now.

Fabulous at any age

Nancy is the perfect example of “Fabulous at any Age”.   Her fun disposition and adventurous nature is so refreshing.  It was an absolute pleasure to spend a few hours on a beautiful South Florida afternoon photographing this lovely woman.   We walked around Coral Cove Park  looking for those little spots that would work well for our creative endeavors while chatting and laughing the whole way.  Nancy wanted some head shots for use on a webpage that would represent her as a professional yet fun and creative person.   She is someone that enjoys what the Sunshine State is known for, the beaches and the water!  undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Life’s little surprises

Sometimes life can surprise you in a big way with unexpected events that alter your way of looking at everything around you.   Things that you thought were incredibly important suddenly are no longer priorities.   I think little Savannah’s birth may have been such an event in the life of Austin and Devin.   As a young couple they were enjoying each other and their friends but now have this precious little girl to focus on.   Savannah quickly seemed to have stolen everyone’s heart and has become the center of Devin and Austin’s life together.  It was so wonderful to observe how they seemed to have managed to switch gears and were now such attentive loving parents.

Congratulations to you both, you truly are a beautiful little family. I really enjoyed and appreciate the opportunity to be able to capture some images of your beautiful little girl.


Congratulations Rachel and Gary

One of my favorite things to do is photograph newborn babies! They are such tiny bundles of joy that I can’t help but smile!

Having taken photos of Rachel while she was pregnant, I was so excited to have this opportunity to photograph her first child. When I first looked at this precious little girl I was in total amazement! She is such a little cutie and I could just drink in her perfect little features from the soft skin to the tiny fingers and toes. As a first time parent,  Rachel has fallen perfectly into the role of the new mother and nurturer.  She is so attentive and ready to rush into  action if she thinks baby Stella needs anything.  It made me feel warm inside to witness this new mother  expressing her love and adoration of this little bundle of joy.

Thank you Rachel, for allowing me the opportunity to capture some images of your beautiful daughter, Stella Bea.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

S o c i a l   M e d i a